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Cloud computing has moved into the mainstream of enterprise computing as large enterprises have realized quantifiable cost savings, superior time-to-value and rapid innovation by adopting cloud computing. Given the significant potential benefits, enterprises of all sizes are looking to accelerate their adoption of the cloud. Today cloud computing has become a common way of delivering services via the Internet.

Cloud adoption is a complex process and the variety of available options has led to confusion over the roadmap ahead. IT and business teams follow different approaches to Cloud adoption. IT team's primary challenge is to improve efficiency by building and automating infrastructure without compromising on security and regulatory compliance needs. Whereas, business teams’ prefer to adopt the Cloud quickly to launch innovative business systems and maximize business value. There is a need for a comprehensive set of Cloud service offerings to reconcile these varied approaches to Cloud adoption.

Since cloud computing is fairly a new model for supplementing and delivering IT, there still are concerns like:

  • How will the cloud transformation happen?
  • Where do we start and how do we set the roadmap?
  • Is our business suited for the cloud?
  • Will we be locked into a particular cloud vendor?
  • What would be the rollout strategy for our SaaS application?

We believe that Cloud Computing embraces genuine potential and a practical alternative for sourcing IT. We understand Cloud Computing as standardized capability delivered on-demand via the Internet in a pay-per-use and self-service approach.

Cloud computing

TSI provides a range of services that help enterprises accelerate their cloud adoption:

1. Cloud Strategy

The Cloud Workshop: A discussion based workshop for IT and business leaders to build a shared understanding of cloud platforms. Once the    understanding is there, TSI conducts an analysis of client business case and proposes a recommended strategy.

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2. Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration takes the prototype developed in cloud strategy. Further ahead by migrating the entire application to the cloud platform of choice. TSI would undertake the application migration assignment to the new platform and also train the existing IT department to monitor the application.

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3. Cloud Sourcing

Cloud Sourcing is a strategy to significantly lower down the IT costs of the enterprise. Cloud Sourcing is sourcing of complete solutions to run your business from the cloud by taking advantage of cloud applications, cloud platforms, and cloud infrastructure.

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4. Cloud Monitoring and Support

TSI offers a portfolio of Cloud Management services to help enterprises maintain, enhance, and monitor their cloud applications. Our Cloud Monitoring and Support services provide avenues to maintain, enhance, and monitor existing cloud applications - these could be applications that have either been custom developed for the cloud or have been migrated to the cloud.

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Cloud computing

The Cloud Ecology

TSI brings you a focused comparison on the public cloud ecology. With its proven experience on enterprise Java and the cloud, TSI can help you realize the best investments for moving to the public cloud. Public cloud ecology is the breakup of the most evolved offerings in the space. We divide the comparison into 3 broad categories:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

The area that we focus on caters to the public cloud which is inherently multi-tenant on a single instance. As soon as multiple customers can use the same infrastructure, the economies of scale change a lot in terms of cost and maintenance. Having a single instance also helps in breeding innovation. Improving the data access by say 2x makes it faster for all the customers across the board.

Our Clients

Our client  ARKAS Line boasts of the migration to  Microsoft Azure having 144 agencies in 128 countries and 1141 concurrent users. ARKAS uses SeaLiner's interface and job processing engine that manages the control, configuration, and transformation of all data in or out of SeaLiner. The engine can be used for integrating applications (EAI) or with external trading partners (EDI) including SAP. All the Account Receivables and Account Payable data is sent to SAP via EDI. In addition to the Account Receivables and Payables all the Bookings, Bill of Ladings and equipment transactions both inbound and outbound are captured and shared via the engine to third party systems including GTNEXUS and INTTRA.

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