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Data Migration is required when organizations change or upgrade to new systems, or when systems merge (in cases of organizational mergers and acquisitions). Data Migration is a critical job that if not planned and executed well can become complex, hazardous and expensive, and can adversely impact application/data availability and performance.

Data Migration involves moving the data from the older application to the upgraded systems or from one database vendor to another. Whether it is implementation of an ERP system or a custom developed application, TSI provides an end-to-end approach for all your data migration requirements. We also provide Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment (ETL – Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) services to ensure that your new application is receiving data that is optimum for its efficient functioning. With the latest automated tools, strategies and methodologies, we ensure that we deliver you quality results.

Data Migration

Business Benefits

  • We enable enterprises to transform transactional data into information, and thereby build competitive advantage.
  • Improved stability: Lesser chances of downtime as policies and storage management infrastructures are created.
  • Improved availability: High availability provides for assured revenue production.
  • Rapid ROI – As you can start benefitting from new applications sooner by migrating the data earlier.

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